Mr. Enoch Yaw Oduro-Agyei
Board Member

Mr. Enoch Yaw Oduro-Agyei (Trigmatic) is an award-winning artist - an avid singer, rapper, songwriter & composer. In the last 15 years of his career, he’s got five albums and 2 EPs to his credit, 11 national and international awards, including 5 VGMA awards, and over 30 music award nominations (19 of them being from the Ghana Music Awards). He’s recently been selected by Ghana’s president to serve on the governing body of the national folkore board. His passion for music extends to his shows where he performs to the delight on thousands of music lovers. Whatever event or occasion you have coming up, you can trust Trigmatic and his band to give you a memorable and entertaining show.

Trigmatic has slowly woven his way into the Ghanaian music scene with his unique style and ability to play with words. He takes your spirit through many journeys and opens you up for a great life adventure while sitting at one spot. He has become a household name to both young and old, and has moved from being a rapper to a musical force. Fundamentally, a storyteller, Trigmatic successfully tells the story of contemporary Ghana from an urban roost: the struggles, incongruities, conquests and hopes. His unique voice and concurrent style of fusing different genres on a song leaves him with a unique edge in music.

Away from music, he’s been actively involved in community building and career guidance with a certificate in youth mobility programs from Spain and Italy . He is known across the length and breadth of Ghana and the rest of the world and has been awarded with a certificate of achievement for his diverse contribution to youth empowerment in Ghana.