The directorate is responsible for managing all aspects of the daily operations requiring administrative assistance, provides leadership and guidance for effective functioning, administration and management of the Board,  it initiates programmes and plans for the formulation of policy for the Board, ensures effective implementation of policies and ensures creation and maintenance of good public image/relations for the Board.


The department coordinates departmental and other team meetings and may directly manage all event planning and management activities, and assist in the preparation and management of the annual budget. It manages administrative functions and provides administrative support to the Board, orders office supplies, coordinates new hires, and existing employees, and moves by establishing IT accounts telephone extensions, etc.

Accounts Department

The department is responsible for the accounting function of the National Folklore Board, preparing the Board’s Annual Financial Account, Statement, Report, and Interpretation, etc. It plays the lead role in all Financial matters of the Board, including the Board’s Annual Financial Report. It makes payments and collects revenue in accordance with laid down procedures in the financial Regulation of the Board, prepares appropriate monthly accounting reports, and prepares Financial Policies and Procedures.

Programs Department

It plans and designs programs for the Board and proactively monitors its progress, resolving issues and initiating appropriate corrective actions within the cultural aspects of the Board, and plays a lead role in the dissemination and publication of folklore materials. The department ensures proper documentation of folklore materials, activities, reports, on programs are properly kept. It is responsible for ensuring effective quality assurance and the overall integrity of programs organized by the Board – focusing inwardly on the internal consistency of the programme, and outwardly on its coherence with the public which is expected to increase public awareness on the activities of the Board. Organizes and promotes activities for the dissemination of expressions of folklore within the republic and abroad.

Research Department

The department conducts research related to folklore with a view to ensuring that folklore issues reflect current and international standards and best practices. It carries out comparative studies in the folklore content and standards between the National Folklore Board and those of similar international bodies. The department is responsible for research in the collation of Regional Profiles including inventory and documentation. Develops, implements, and manages systems and procedures to meet the information needs of the National Folklore Board. Research materials for publication of Amammeresem (Folklore Magazine) and other publications on folklore for the Board.

Monitoring Department

It provides professional support to the Board for development and performing plans to monitor and register expressions of Folklore on behalf of the public. it coordinates and participates in regularly scheduled field monitoring visits of the Board’s programme. It establishes and maintains a network for users (Folklore Materials) in monitoring and evaluation and reports and update of data on the market trend of the users (Folklore Materials) and challenges relating to monitoring.

Public Relations Office

It maintains, gathers, and assembles reference materials, research documents etc, for use in the production of features, profiles, and biographies and updates information about the Board on its website. It provides Public Relations support to the Board,  writes newspaper and press releases. It conducts research and tries to understand public behavior in relation to National folklore Board. It undertakes correct storage of information, written articles, and items of interest, including an appropriate cross-conference system and easy access and retrieval. It acts as a representative of the Board by answering people after media coverage, through emails and phone calls.